Hulphond Nederland

Since 2017, ISAAC and Stichting Hulphond Nederland have combined their forces. This means ISAAC will help and do what we do best; refreshing and updating  the foundation's website and we will also takes care of its maintenance for several years.

People can't always help, dogs can

Stichting Hulphond Nederland provides care for people with a physical or mental disability by using a assistance dogs. An assistance dog offers many new opportunities for people with different care demands and they also prevent isolation. Because the foundation uses the dogs for more and more different illnesses, behavioral disorders and other learning disabilities, the assistance dogs are trained as broadly possible by skilled trainers.

Hulphond Nederland thrives for there to be no financial thresholds for assistance dog applicants. Therefor these life changing dogs are made available for those who need them most at the lowest cost possible. ISAAC is pleased to assist in this, and supports Stichting Hulphond by creating (and supporting) a well functioning, modern website.

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