Ronald Mc Donald House Charities

Since 2014, ISAAC has been a proud member of the '52-member club'. All members of this club take the commitment to carry out the operation of the Ronald McDonald House South-East Brabant for one specific week, for a period of at least three years. Due to this membership, the family of a sick child's can live in the Ronald McDonald House South-East Brabant for a month.

Close to your family

When your child feels ill, as parents you want to be as close as possible to your child. The fifteen Ronald McDonald children's homes which the Netherlands has, have been able to accommodate parents of sick children on an average of 500m away from their child; and this for more than thirty years! In a Ronald McDonald House, families can relax and find support talking to other parents or from someone of the great and many volunteers. In 2016, a whopping 6,483 families lived for 65,671 nights in the houses.

The Ronald McDonald houses do not receive grants, are runned by volunteers and are entirely dependent on donors and sponsors. Support from the business world is therefore very valuable. We think it's important to be active in society. At ISAAC, we have many young employees and many of them have a family with young children. The good work all volunteers do at the Ronald McDonald House South-East Brabant is therefore something that ISAACi can relate to and is something what we like to support.