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About 4funkyflavours

Since 2009, trendy clothing label 4funkyflavours brings extra colour into the world. The company started off with children's clothing, but since a couple of years also offers men’s- and women's fashion. Via concept stores, shop-in-shops, selling through retailers and online, they serve many customers both in the Netherlands and abroad.


In order to appropriately service relations as well as customers, it became necessary to completely renew the webshop. A typical multi-channel challenge! 


ISAAC developed for 4funkyflavours a brand new commerce platform, completely devoted to the customer journey and of course completely responsive. 

"ISAAC is a real integration specialist. Due to the PIM system, our platform is completely scalable and ready for further growth to other countries!"

Jurgen van der Sanden - Managing Director, 4funkyflavours
4funkyflavours webshop

Seducing consumers to purchase

Online, you only have a split of a second to convince your visitors to make a fashion purchase in your webshop. The new 4funkyflavours Magento webshop is thus equipped with all modern e-commerce facets. The webshop is completely responsive for desktop- , tablet-, and mobile use. Furthermore, the shop has an optimal usability with a clear navigation structure, and a filter- and sorting function. Product selection has never been this easy! Due to the implementation of Elasticsearch, browsing through the collection goes extremely fast. But in the end, it is all about the fashion items which are portrayed using seducing product- and ambient photography. 

4funkyflavours webshop

Think global, act local

4funkyflavours' fashion items are sold to different retailers online as well as offline. In order to supply retailers with actual and relevant product information, an Akeneo PIM  was placed connecting the Magento webshop and 4funkyflavours' ERP system. In this PIM system all product information is controlled, enriched, classified and automatically published on 4 funkyflavours' own website as well as their external partners. Because external partners can easily connect to the PIM system, the 4funkyflavours e-commerce platform is scalable and ready for further growth and expansion to other countries.

Agile development

The brand new integrated e-commerce platform was developed using Agile methodology. To ensure close and good cooperation between 4funkyflavours and ISAAC, 4funkyflavours appointed a product owner to the development team. Advantages of working with agile sprints are that you can easily steer the project and make adjustments where and when needed. Moreover though, a minimum viable product can be delivered in a short period of time, ready for user tests. And last but not least, after commissioning the project, 4funkyflavours' own developers are capable of making their own adjustments.

Our expertise

  • icoon expertise E-commerce development
  • icoon expertise Product Information Management
  • icoon expertise Application management and optimization


4funkyflavours webshop
4funkyflavours webshop
4funkyflavours webshop
4funkyflavours webshop
4funkyflavours webshop
Want to find out more about this project?
Want to find out more about this project?

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