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Computershare – a global market leader – provides a wide range of financial products, including savings and share programmes to increase employee engagement within an organisation. The Computershare financial service provider’s approach is based on certainty, ingenuity and making the most of the advantage.


Worldwide, millions of employees participate in employee share plans to generate returns. However, Computershare has concluded that many participants are unaware of the exact financial value of their share plan. 


Using special visualisations and animations, ISAAC has developed various user journeys and User Experience (UX) Designs for the share plans to ensure transparency in relation to the value of this rather complex financial product by Computershare.

"Partnering with ISAAC raised our ambition for what we could achieve, bringing to life the overall share plan experience and making the value of the plans visible, understandable and tangible. ISAAC helped us to achieve our vision of an exciting experience that employers can be proud of and that’s useful, engaging and valuable to employees."

Mark Watts-Jones - Director of Product, Computershare

The background of share plans

Most Computershare customers are large multinationals that focus on involving their employees in the organisation to the maximum possible extent and at all levels of the organisation. These companies opt for Computershare to create and develop the perfect share plan or the best-in-control bonus structure, and to administer this independently, transparently and above all, compliant. Some companies opt for a share plan for almost every employee: all Walmart employees, for example, are provided with the option to double their investment in shares while benefiting from their company’s price gains. For many companies, share plans thus form strategic components of a remuneration structure.


Increasing benefits made transparent

Computershare has established that many participants are unaware of the exact financial value of their share plan, while companies and participants often make considerable investments in these plans, which provide long-term benefits. Share plan participants often come across attractive and clear UX, such as from large (social) platforms, so there really is no reason at all to accept anything less from a stock package that helps with the purchase of a second home or the financing of an extra vehicle.

This is why Computershare had ISAAC draw up an entirely new UX design. Mobile first was taken as a starting point and simple figures in tables and tabs filled with diagrams were replaced by graphic visualisations. Dashboards displaying overall information about the status and objectives were animated, thus creating insight into the financial value of a share plan. This was done to ensure participants from any educational background would understand their share plan and have a positive feeling that fits in with their investment.


Added value thanks to UX

There are many advantages to having a well thought-out UX design that ensures employees can always understand the status of their share plan. Thanks to price growth and shares, employees who are committed to the growth of their share plan also feel involved in the organisation that ‘feeds’ that plan. Gamification of the UX incites the repeated use of the share plan toolbox. After all, its use becomes simpler and more fun because the new UX creates understanding and certainty. Employees who have the new version of the share plan tool on their smartphone are less inclined to call the service desk and ask their manager questions. In addition, they are more likely to achieve the objectives set by management or the board.

Design process

The design process was realised using Design Thinking. In pressure cooker sessions, focussed on empathy and the resulting ideation – who are the users and what do they really want – the ISAAC and Computershare team members came up with sketches, mock-ups and testable prototypes. The share plan actions supported by complex wizards, such as the buying of options or the selling of stock packages were mapped using Event Storming. Primary processes received priority; exceptions also became secondary in the final user interface. A product such as this can also be exclusively designed in a focused blend of domain experts and experienced UX people who have market knowledge. The collaboration between Computershare and ISAAC proved to ideal for this.


Optimum match between product and design

Product knowledge is of vital importance for the design of an optimal UX. The ISAAC project team therefore followed a crash course at Computershare, the topics of which included share plans, option plans and bonus legislation. The complexity of the product was mainly in the range of options and configurations. In addition, the share plans depend on country-specific laws and regulations, as well as on the needs of the company using the share plan for their employees. Tax rules that change almost every year make it even more complex. However, based on years of experience in the design of online services for the financial sector, ISAAC was able to ensure that the share plan became easy to understand for participants.

Further into the future

In conjunction with ISAAC, Computershare is slowly but certainly rolling out the new interfaces, wizards and customer journeys across its broad and global portfolio. As a result, an increasing number of new user groups provides feedback about the financial product while the understanding of the financial product continues to improve and participants’ involvement in their organisation visibly increases. In short, difficult to understand price charts and option plans are transformed into engagement and employee happiness.

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Want to find out more about this project?

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