Continuous online growth resulting from an Agile approach

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About De Mandemakers Groep

With over 250 shops and various retail formulas, De Mandemakers Groep (DMG) is a leading kitchen, furniture and bathroom company, with labels such as Saniweb, Sanidirect, De Badenman and Ben Sanitair focusing on the bathroom trade.


ISAAC was asked to develop and maintain the online sales channels for various DMG bathroom formulas.


The long-term collaboration results in successful online channels for several DMG bathroom formulas. The required results are achieved through the Agile approach and close collaboration between the DMG e-commerce team and the ISAAC digital team.

"Our ISAAC team works to achieve the very best results daily, and our collaboration brings technology and commerce together perfectly for us to achieve our objectives."

Thomas van Zundert - De Mandemakers Groep Sanitair, E-commerce Manager
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About Saniweb

Saniweb is a superb online player in the field of bathroom products, providing consumers with individual items as well as fully fitted bathrooms. Saniweb has no physical stores, but nonetheless provides consumers with a similar experience online using high-quality product photography, integrated 3D visualisations and expert personal advice through various channels (live chat, telephone and Whatsapp).

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About Sanidirect

Sanidirect is an omni-channel formula with 25 physical stores and a webshop. Their website focuses on a customised online and in-store experience where consumers find inspiration online, familiarise themselves with the products and make purchases in the webshop. In addition, an appointment for a personal consultation in a Sanidirect showroom is easily made. The online magazine, blog and online product catalogue provide consumers with plenty of ideas and inspiration.

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About Ben Sanitair

Ben Sanitair is the DMG bathroom A-brand. The Ben Sanitair brand website gives visitors easy access to the collection and the various points of sale.


Agile and Kanban

Because all of DMG’s online sanitation formulas have a Magento 2 platform, collaboration is mainly focused on continued development and performance optimisation. The DMG e-commerce team and ISAAC’s digital team work Agile and use Kanban to structure the work process.

E-commerce developments are progressing at a breathtaking pace and require immediate responses. The Agile approach continuously zooms in on ‘current’ importance and the return of the development activities, providing the digital team with increased power and the opportunity to substantially shorten the time-to-market. The flexibility of this approach allows the team to make the right choices at the right time, which is required to make adjustments in good time and ensure the maximum return for the business is achieved.


Pressure cooker sessions

The daily collaboration between DMG and ISAAC focuses on the continued development of the various commerce platforms, but nonetheless time is made for out-of-the box improvements at least once a year. During ‘pressure cooker’ sessions, or hackathons, new concepts and innovations are invented and geared towards insights into user behaviour and requirements. This involves concepts which are not suitable for the business-as-usual development, such as a configurator for bathroom furniture, which is worked out and implemented in a separate partial project.

Our expertise

  • icoon expertise Concept & Design
  • icoon expertise E-commerce development
  • icoon expertise Middleware & integration
  • icoon expertise Application management and optimization


product page Ben Sanitair
product page Ben Sanitair
product page Ben Sanitair
product page Ben Sanitair
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