Integration platform & hosted payment pages

Higher conversion rates for merchants

Ingenico ePayments, formerly known as GlobalCollect, is one of the world’s largest Payment Service Providers. The busiest online e-commerce platforms and merchants process their payments through Ingenico. ISAAC designed and implemented a new integration layer, payment pages and support for clear integration across all platforms – and all that for a system that runs 24/7 and processes hundreds of transactions every single second.

"Responsive payment pages lead to improved usability and therefore higher conversion rates."
Customer name: Ingenico ePayments
Solution: New API, responsive payment pages, Developer Hub, SDKs
Particular: Simple and developer-friendly API for hundreds of payment products.

  • Oracle
  • Bootstrap
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Java
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • PHP
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100+ international paymentproducts

With over 100 payment products and a presence in all corners of the world, Ingenico ePayments is an extremely successful Payment Service Provider (PSP) for internationally operating and demanding merchants. With years of experience and a continuous stream of investments, Ingenico has been able to develop a payment platform that takes up a unique position in the market. In spite of the width of the product range, the ease of integration is also becoming increasingly important.

Renewed online payment platform

ingenico phone

Back when it was still known as GlobalCollect, Ingenico conducted an extensive vendor selection process and ended up tasking ISAAC with the implementation of a host of improvements related to integration and mobile support: the Ingenico Connect project. This not only allows Ingenico to take the lead when it comes to the width of its range, but also in terms of the ease of integration and providing an innovative front-end solution for both browsers and mobile applications.

We designed a new, clean REST API for the entire platform to serve as the foundation for all the new integration options. This was combined with an entirely new security model using API keys. Together with Ingenico’s own payment specialists, ISAAC worked on new API definitions and highly responsive Payment Pages. This MyCheckout service is of interest to merchants looking for limited exposure when it comes to the strict credit card security standard PCI-DSS. Aspects such as A/B testing, mobile security, performance and conversion optimisation were key concerns in this process. They are all part of the core of the new platform.

We developed and implemented SDKs (Software Development Kits) for use in native mobile apps, to make it as easy as possible for app developers to integrate Ingenico’s rich set of payment products in an app. We also created SDKs for e-commerce servers based on PHP and Java, again to make connection and testing as easy as possible.

Scalability, performance and stability

ingenico cash desk

The stability of the API Gateway and the quality of (online) documentation were subject to the highest possible standards. The API had to be able to securely process hundreds of payment transactions per second. It has to be immediately clear to merchant developers how the integration with GlobalCollect Services works. ISAAC designed a Developer Hub that collects and structures all information about API and SDKs. Furthermore, we worked hard on scalability, performance and stability using a data grid.

Used expertise:

  • Software Development Kits
  • Interaction Design
  • REST API Design
  • Responsive payment pages
  • Distributed data grid
  • Architecting
  • Security & Cryptography
  • MyCheckout editor