Omnichannel finance platform

Yelder makes money lending clear

Want quick insight into the possibilities and consequences of a flexible car loan? offers you just that. Yelder is a new player in the world of financing with over twenty years of expertise. In a short time, ISAAC developed the website in combination with a dealer app and a document upload portal.

"ISAAC has once again managed to deliver the desired solution quickly and adequately."

Camille Appeldoorn - Manager Commercial Development & Implementation Qander

Customer name: Yelder
Solution: Website, mobile app, document upload portal, middleware, calculator, pre-sales tool
Particular: Integrated solution for car dealers, consumers and the financing organisation.

  • Bootstrap
  • iOS
  • JBoss
  • Android
  • AngularJS
  • DotCMS
  • Cordova
  • NodeJS
Process financing applications quickly and securely?

Flexibel, fast & reliable

That was the starting point for the realisation of Yelder’s new solutions. The financing sector is becoming clearer and more transparent all the time. The same goes for car financing. Yelder, a new player in this field, yet one with over twenty years of expertise, jumped in right away with an innovative proposition that ties in with the expectations of today’s consumers. Applying for car financing should be a simple and clear process. In a short time, ISAAC developed a website, a self-service portal, a dealer app, a document upload portal and a financing configurator – all fully integrated with Yelder’s existing systems.

Dealer app

To a dealer, it is important to offer clients the best possible service. The dealer must be able to offer a financing proposal for the purchase of a car quickly and easily. ISAAC developed an app that allows the dealer to schedule test drives. Using the test drive planner, a financing request can then be submitted to Yelder quickly and easily. Yelder, in turn, takes over all aspects of processing the financing request. The dealer app is available for iOS and Android users. ISAAC used the Apache Cordova platform for the development of these apps.

Document Upload Portal

When applying for financing, several important documents may be required, such as a copy of the applicant’s driver’s licence or ID. Once a dealer has submitted a request for financing, there is a chance that not all necessary documents are available to complete the financing. The document upload portal allows consumers to collect and submit any missing documents from any device. The documents are then securely stored in Yelder’s systems. This fully automated digital process allows for the rapid processing of a financing request. Quick, flexible and reliable...

Used expertise:

  • Graphic design
  • Front-end development
  • Middleware
  • Gulp
  • Mobile development and apps
  • Maintenance & optimization
  • Website development