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PAYONE, one of the leading Payment Service Providers (PSPs) in Europe, helps merchants and service providers deal with increasingly complex issues in payment processes and channels. As a full-service PSP, PAYONE – formerly Ingenico Payments – carries out payments easily, quickly and almost invisibly, whether it's card payments, e-commerce or mobile payments.


PAYONE processes over 2.5 billion transactions for about 365,000 customers every year. Merchants can avail of various payment systems at PAYONE and therefore require an online PAYONE merchant portal to easily manage, view and inspect their systems.


ISAAC has developed an international online portal for PAYONE that merchants can use to easily view and manage their payment terminals and options, to access invoices, and to view live transactions via the payment systems and their saved balances in the loyalty programme. 

"Working with ISAAC is a pleasure. We appreciate their know-how and good ideas for developing web portals!"

René Kroll - Product Owner, PAYONE

Portal consolidation

Over the years PAYONE has developed into a company that processes payment transactions for over 365,000 merchants. PAYONE were looking to provide all services – which used to be provided using various online portals – centrally, using one single online portal. ISAAC has created this ‘one-stop-shop’ by integrating several portals into one new online portal. A microservices architecture was put in place to realise a flexible system adapted to easy scaling.

PAYONE loyalty program

Advantages of a single online portal

The new international portal allows merchants to make easy use of PAYONE’s different services; they can easily view and manage payment transactions, terminals, users and payment options, download invoices digitally, modify commercial messages on receipts and terminals, and use the loyalty programme. Using Red Hat SSO, users log on in one place where they are assigned roles and rights and authorisation is centrally controlled. This generates advantages for both portal users and PAYONE in the areas of security and convenience.

PAYONE kundenportal inlog

Agile development

The international online portal and consolidation were Agile developed, involving close collaboration between the internal PAYONE IT team and ISAAC. Using short lines of communication and a shared view of the future in relation to issues such as process, functionalities and technology, ISAAC has been able to support PAYONE in developing to the technical roadmap, act as a digital partner and add value where required.

PAYONE Kundenportal betaalterminals overview

Our expertise

  • icoon expertise Strategic positioning
  • icoon expertise Self service portal
  • icoon expertise Middleware & integration
  • icoon expertise Security
  • icoon expertise Application management and optimization


PAYONE Kundenportal betaalterminals overview
PAYONE Kundenportal betaalterminals overview
PAYONE Kundenportal betaalterminals overview
PAYONE Kundenportal betaalterminals overview
PAYONE Kundenportal betaalterminals overview
PAYONE Kundenportal betaalterminals overview
Want to find out more about this project?
Want to find out more about this project?

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