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About Prik&Tik

Over 100 specialist shops are now affiliated with Prik&Tik – which in just a few short years has succeeded in transforming itself into the largest drinks dealer in Belgium – in order to remain relevant as local beverages dealers, to be able to expand marketing investments and to keep their purchases affordable.


Beverage companies in Belgium found themselves struggling with their old-fashioned image, making it difficult to reach younger people. Prik&Tik therefore decided to launch a webshop to appeal to the target group of consumers below 40.


As part of the Prik&Tik omnichannel strategy, ISAAC developed a modern commerce platform with solutions for specific price and product issues.

"Prik&Tik opted for ISAAC, which proved to be the best possible choice. Both companies have a pragmatic, quick as well as result and quality-oriented approach!"

Filip Sevens - Prik&Tik CEO
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Attracting a new target group

Prik&Tik deploys the commerce platform as a new channel to appeal to consumers under 40 – a group that is familiar with chain stores and online shopping – in addition to the clients who visit physical beverage stores. Prik&Tik can expand growth by uniting the beverage companies under the Prik&Tik label and deploying e-commerce in the process.

Prik&Tik shops are organised into a cooperative society with a local product range and product prices. Initially, challenges emerged in various areas concerning the proper management of the e-commerce channel, such as a cost-effective shipment policy, the responsibility for product information and the locally-differentiated product range and product prices.

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A differentiated product range and product prices

Consumers can easily order any beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) in the modern Magento 2 webshop, that will be delivered by a parcel delivery service at home or to a local Prik&Tik beverage company of their choice. Prik&Tik shop entrepreneurs operate entirely independently, establishing their own prices and selections in local shops. While shop prices may thus vary, prices for the products in the webshop are set by the Prik&Tik head office. Webshop orders can be collected at a local Prik&Tik beverage company, providing up and cross-selling options for the local beverage company.

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Supplier Hub

Prik&Tik sells products they themselves do not produce, making proper product content a main challenge for them. ISAAC has developed a supplier hub for Prik&Tik to use for a close collaboration with suppliers in the area of product information. Prik&Tik enters basic information in the supplier hub. After logging in, suppliers can inspect, edit and expand this product information, but only for the specific products they sell. Prik&Tik assesses the expanded product data after it is published in the Magento 2 webshop using a link. This solution ensures that Prik&Tik receives immediate assistance from suppliers for the improved marketing of products, providing advantages for both parties.

Our expertise

  • icoon expertise E-commerce development
  • icoon expertise Product Information Management
  • icoon expertise Middleware & integration
  • icoon expertise Application management and optimization


prik&tik webshop overviewpage
Want to find out more about this project?
Want to find out more about this project?

I’m Camiel, Head of Sales & Marketing. Together with Prik&Tik, I work on realizing the objectives of this project. Want to know exactly how we approach this project or how our approach can contribute to your success?