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About SIBO Fluidra

Serving an extensive clientèle of fitters, retailers and webshops in over fifty countries, SIBO Fluidra is a specialised international distributor of a broad selection of swimming pool items, pond and swimming pond requirements, sprinkler products, PVC pipe systems and connection accessories. 


SIBO Fluidra’s internal product information database had reached its limits in the areas of maintenance-friendliness and export options for product data. 


ISAAC implemented an Akeneo PIM system for SIBO Fluidra. In addition, the existing Magento 1 webshop was redesigned and migrated to Magento 2. 

"Combined with the PIM, the Magento webshop unburdens the internal organisation and provides a perfect connection with the various markets in which we are active. The automation of the order flow, expansion of online product information and ease of ordering all contribute to the growth of our organisation."

Jan Mikkers - SIBO Fluidra Marketing Manager
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Rich content for increased convenience

SIBO Fluidra provides a differentiated product range comprising approximately 15,000 swimming pool items, pond and swimming pond requirements, sprinkler products and connection accessories. Commercial product information, such as images, manuals, colours, size and weight was previously recorded in the internal SIBOpedia knowledge base. The SIBO Fluidra system, however, had reached its limits in various respects. In addition to limited export opportunities, it was proving difficult to keep product information in the system up-to-date. Links with external software, such as Adobe for designing product catalogues and the Magento webshop, were also difficult to realise. All of the above challenges could be dealt with by implementing Akeneo PIM.

ISAAC carried out the technical implementation of the Akeneo PIM while contributing to a logical structure for the extensive and stratified SIBO Fluidra product selection. SIBO Fluidra expands product information in the PIM with various attributes to substantially improve findability in the Magento 2 webshop for end customers. Thanks to the enriched attributes – which include technical characteristics, packaging units, size, weight and images of products – search filters can be effectively deployed, allowing users to easily find products in the extensive SIBO Fluidra selection.

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Efficiency using links

The implementation of the Akeneo PIM has ensured that the system has become the company’s single point of truth. The optimum use of the PIM for the expansion of product information ensures that the system serves as a supply flow for product data in the webshop, as well as for product catalogues. A link is easily made from the Akeneo PIM to the Adobe software SIBO Fluidra uses for the compilation of product catalogues. Previously, the SIBO Fluidra content team would need two to three weeks to compile an individual product catalogue, which has been reduced to two to three days using the link between Akeneo and Adobe. Relevant product information is easily loaded, allowing the content team to fully concentrate on the catalogue design.

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Modern Magento 2 platform

The SIBO Fluidra webshop still operated using Magento 1, and the implementation of the PIM was combined with a migration to Magento 2. The new shop was provided with any modern commerce aspects required, including typical B2B requirements, such as customer-specific logins, a differentiated product offer per country and a quick ordering function. The shop checkout has been linked to the ERP which fully handles the order, allowing SIBO Fluidra customers to easily place orders, while purchasing parties do not require any IDE links.

This has resulted in a modern, quick and superbly functional B2B Magento 2 webshop, which is completely integrated in the SIBO Fluidra core business processes. The webshop, product selection and ordering process are linked without any human interference, allowing SIBO Fluidra to service a diversity of customers using an additional sales channel. Easy findability of products and the ordering function through the webshop are central to this. Because all webshop orders are entirely dealt with in the online environment, the internal sales organisation can work even more closely with their clientèle

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  • icoon expertise Magento migration
  • icoon expertise Product Information Management
  • icoon expertise Middleware & integration
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SIBO Fluidra webshop detail page
SIBO Fluidra webshop detail page
SIBO Fluidra webshop detail page
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Want to find out more about this project?

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