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About Signify

Signify – formerly Philips Lighting and world leader in the lighting sector – is sure to provide the perfect lamp and luminaire for your lighting requirements in and around your home.


After making 3D printed luminaires available for the B2B market, Signify is now launching a new and innovative proposition on the B2C market: personalized 3D printed hanging lamps which are 100% recyclable and only a few mouse clicks away for anybody interested in buying one.


In order to realise this proposition, ISAAC developed Philips MyCreation: a 3D online configurator that uses a Magento 2 commerce platform. Using AWS cloud technology, the platform is directly global and scalable designed and implemented.

"ISAAC has succeeded in combining the 3D rendering, VR and commerce technology competences – including the integration with SAP – in a fabulous manner, resulting in a fluid online customer journey. While this is merely the beginning and we will continue to improve the performance based on the data generated, it was of crucial importance to the project."

Kevin Raaijmakers - Signify, Business Development Director
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Innovative proposition

Consumers can use the Philips MyCreation 3D configurator to create a unique and personalised hanging lamp online. After the purchase, the lamp is produced in a 3D printing plant in the Netherlands. Consumers use the online configurator to select their desired shape, size, colour, texture and pattern of the lamp, from playfully nonchalant to casual and trendy or classic and chic. With endless options and configurations, the materials used are entirely recyclable and therefore circular and eco-friendly. With the launch of Philips MyCreation, Signify has created a unique proposition consumers can use to easily create and purchase a lamp that exactly meets their style requirements with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Fully personalised

The 3D online configurator consists of a modern front-end and back-end. The 3D rendered parts of the hanging lamp were developed by strategic partner PTTRNS.ai, and are retrieved using an API. Detailed 3D models provide consumers with a clear and lifelike view of the texture from various angles. In addition, the configurator shows any possible configurations as a 3D model in real time. For instance, if the colour of the outer lampshade, the texture of the inner lampshade and the colour of a lamp from the Philips HUE series is modified, these modifications immediately become visible in real time and change along with the configuration.

Omnichannel strategy

To increase the visibility of this Signify proposition, consumers will soon be able to configure their very own personalised hanging lamp in tablet kiosks at the Light Gallery stores in Belgium. This is why – in addition to the usual mobile responsiveness – during the development of the online configurator, additional attention has been devoted to the operation of Philips MyCreation on tablets.

Our expertise

  • icoon expertise Concept & Design
  • icoon expertise E-commerce development
  • icoon expertise Online configuration
  • icoon expertise 3D models & rendering
  • icoon expertise Middleware & integration
  • icoon expertise Application management and optimization
  • icoon expertise Cloud hosting & serverless


Want to find out more about this project?
Want to find out more about this project?

I’m Camiel, Head of Sales & Marketing. Together with Signify, I work on realizing the objectives of this project. Want to know exactly how we approach this project or how our approach can contribute to your success?