Unleash your data with a robust integration layer

Many companies posses a lot of data. How can you make sure this data is uitilized efficiently? For example, to make accurate and valuable predictions of your clients, or to develop smart services and devices? What if your customers, partners or suppliers want to integrate your online services with their own applications and want alternative information exchange options? The solution to these complex questions are a robust integration layer and API's. Integration layers and API's form the essential link between systems, as well as their web- and mobile interfaces. Integration specialist ISAAC helps you to sensibly exploit and connect your data with your systems, customers, partners or suppliers. 

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Aspects of a successful integration solution


Make your services available worldwide, manage automatic processes and take the next step to microservices and IoT.

Single Sign-On

Every application requires an authentic and secure password. ISAAC’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution ensures that the end user has automatic access to the various applications using just a single login.

Middleware and Integration

Middleware forms an essential link between systems themselves and their interfaces to the web and mobile devices. ISAAC helps its clients deploy the right kind of middleware to integrate systems in a secure, stable and quick manner. This allows you to make optimal use of the existing IT and suddenly puts new, challenging ideas within reach!

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