7 E-commerce trends: anticipate the future!

Developments occur at a rapid pace. For retailers as well as e-tailers, following the latest e-commerce developments is not an easy task, especially in addition to the operational management of their organisations. And how do you distinguish a hype from a trend? Often it is only clear afterwards whether a specific development has become a trend. ISAAC has named seven long-term trends in the field of e-commerce that retailers and e-tailers must keep an eye on.

Tablet and PC

#1 Explosion of touch points

Consumers come into contact with brands and products in more and more ways, with various devices. How do you ensure that you profit optimally from these opportunities? What are the steps to take to increase your reach and encourage sales?

#2 Disruption in the value chain

The internet makes everything transparent and easily does away with unnecessary links in the value chain. What adds no value to the chain disappears, replaced by a smarter, faster or cheaper version. Innovative online concepts play a clever role here and take advantage of the opportunities.

#3 Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is simply the connection of devices with the internet as well as with each other. The number of applications is growing rapidly and there are many opportunities here, also for e-commerce. What are the possibilities here?

#4 Virtual surpasses physical

Virtual content is making strong advances. Logical, because what makes more of an impact than virtually walking through your dream kitchen or taking a test ride in the car that you’ve been looking forward to for a while? What’s more, it is an unforgettable experience with your brand, product or service. Curious what VR can mean for your business?

#5 Personalised shopping

Responding immediately to the interests and needs of your customers in every phase of the customer journey. Data can realise this form of individual marketing. With the increase in data, there are many valuable insights at your disposal that you can use to accurately segment your target group, strengthen your customer relationship and eventually increase the conversion rate.

#6 B2B growth spurt

The business market is growing and changing rapidly. More and more B2B companies use e-commerce to reach new markets or better serve the existing market. How do you ensure that being online contributes substantially to the daily processes?

#7 Sharing economy

The internet enables consumers to conduct business directly with each other, using blockchain technologies, among others. But it also facilitates ‘sharing’ each other's possessions in innovative ways. New initiatives show that paying for use instead of possession is booming. We share our knowledge with you.