ISAAC creates SIMON and trows itself on deep learning

In order to make deep learning available to all companies, ISAAC started an extraordinary new company: SIMON, a friend of ISAAC. ISAAC announced this during their annual Hype or Trend Event, held June 15th in the Evoluon in Eindhoven this year. Chief accountable in creating SIMON is dr. Erik van Breusegem, who is, next to having his Ph.D. in IT, responsible for several successful tech-start-ups. Together with SIMON, ISAAC tries to ensure deep learning is not only accessible for giant tech companies, but is also available for ISAAC's existing and new customers.

Edit: the specialists of SIMON work at since May 2019. develops the new digital capabilities for personalisation front runners. They empower apparal, beauty and lifestyle brands to accelerate digital personalisation.


By using platforms like Google Tensorflow, self learning, neural networks - deep learning - can now be used in different fields available to many users with ranging budgets. For example, the simple way how website visitors nowadays prove they are not robots; no more complicated codes to fill in, but just clicking on different pictures. Easy for the user, but also valuable as simultaneously it trains a neural network which saves millions of these examples daily and thus learns to recognize more and more. "The sword does not just cut both ways, but literally cuts millions of sides" says Camiel Baltussen, Head of Sales and Marketing at ISAAC. "Deep learning connects perfectly to the constant eager to innovate, which is company policy at ISAAC. Here we are specialized in making complex, new technology accessible to the most diverse selection of companies. Or, like we say ourselves: We love .complexity!"