Frontend Love is coming to Eindhoven

On Friday November 22nd, #FrontendDeveloperLove, the largest Javascript community in the Benelux, is organizing ‘Frontend Love’ in Eindhoven for the very first time. As a founding partner, ISAAC has committed itself to this event, which is of course entirely devoted to current affairs from the world of front-end. Tickets are available now.

Banner Frontend Love Eindhoven

Talks about Vue.js, Nuxt.js & Web Components

#FrontendDeveloperLove brings leading figures in the world of front-end, both national and international, to the stage during their events. Visitors are treated to in-depth talks from experienced front-end developers, speakers and core contributors. This new edition of Frontend Love takes place at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, with only 250 tickets are available. This creates an ample opportunity to spar and exchange ideas with other community enthusiasts but also with the speakers which are  present. The full program can be found on the website of the event.

ISAAC founding partner

A front-end congress of this size has never been organized in the South of the Netherlands. ISAAC felt the need to change that. Initiator and speaker during the event, Lucien Immink, explains: “At ISAAC we think it is important and fun to give something back to the front-end community. We have been facilitating meet-ups for the Eindhoven Front-end Community for a year or two. Frontend Love Eindhoven fits in well with that and feels like a logical result. Investing in personal development at ISAAC is one of the core values. I can invest 10% of my working time in my own knowledge by, for example, obtaining certifications, attending conferences or researching new techniques in Guilds. During Frontend Love Eindhoven, I am happy to pass on a piece of the knowledge that I have gained to the developers in the community! ”

In his talk "One component a day keeps the doctor away", Lucien discusses Web Components' contribution to scalable and maintenance-friendly applications. Do you have to replace the entire front-end stack with Web Components or can you do that piece by piece? Spoiler alert! It can be done piece by piece. And have you ever wondered if they work well with Angular, React or Vue.js? Lucien gives the answers.

You can buy tickets via the Frontend Love website. Buy tickets.