ISAAC 2016: we love .complexity!

If Eindhoven is (or used to be) the smartest region in the world, it makes sense you can find exceptionally innovative and entrepreneurial organisations there. ISAAC is one of those companies. For over seventeen years it has been active in the field of internet-related IT projects, both domestically and abroad. “We are at our best when we tackle major challenges,” says CEO Mark Hoogendoorn.

CampaignTurning .complexity into profitability

“If you want to go online, you have to do it properly.” That is ISAAC’s opinion, at least. This step should always be based on rational analyses. That is why ISAAC opts to first offer independent advice to potential clients. “It pays off to be headstrong,” as Hoogendoorn found out for himself in the past decade and a half. “We do not present ourselves with Amsterdam arrogance, but we do think out of the box.” That approach works. For example, the new corporate style is centred on real employees, which makes them more visible.

Everything you need

ISAAC is a combination of experienced IT professionals and young talent. A team that continues to develop itself all the time. “The world around us is changing rapidly. We try to develop systems that are ready to face that future.” Employees can spend ten percent of their time on education or on future-proof prototypes. ISAAC also supports other innovative entrepreneurs. For example, the organisation participates in VR companies and game developers. ISAAC does not outsource anything. “We have everything we need here. We are like a contractor in the IT sector.”

ISAAC prefers to work together closely with its clients. “We understand our clients through and through” says Mark Hoogendoorn. “We like to involve the client’s own people in our project teams.” ISAAC strives to develop long-term relationships and to achieve successes together with the client. Those successes are abundant, both in our own country and internationally – for example in Germany, Belgium and the UK. “For many countries, the Netherlands is a great place to try out internet-related ideas,” ISAACi know. “We also export that knowledge and expertise to other countries.”

New positioning

ISAAC’s new positioning is all about complexity. “Turning .complexity into profitability,” as the pay-off goes. Hoogendoorn explains: “It’s all about added value. It’s not very useful to automate something simple. When you tackle a complex issue, the value for the client is many times greater.” As a result, no challenge is too great for ISAAC. With extreme involvement and a sense of responsibility, ISAAC ensures that any job gets done properly. “Getting things done,” as Hoogendoorn says. The company strives for dynamism and disruption. “It is wonderful to cooperate on projects that make a bit of history.” 

ISAAC, then. Because there are plenty of boring internet companies around already.

"It pays off to be headstrong."

Mark Hoogendoorn - CEO, ISAAC