ISAAC offers housing for 300 Fontys ICT students

During the last couple of years, the student population of  Fontys ICT students has increased rapidly. Fontys ICT wants to offer every student a chance to study. Many young people aim for a career in IT and companies in the region languish for well educated IT-professionals. Fontys University of Applied Sciences takes her responsibility and will not apply 'numerus fixus' for her ICT courses. 

Collaboration Fontys en ISAAC

Flexible housing

This September, the University had 500 more students enrolled compared to last year. This created a challenge in the field of housing. The current buildings used in Eindhoven were too small to place all students. In order to find a short term solution, Fontys asked her regional 'Partners in Education' to help find a solution.

ISAAC offers a solution

ISAAC is one of Fontys' partner companies and is located in the 'Obeliskgebouw' at the Marconilaan in Eindhoven. On the ground floor of the Obeliskgebouw ISAAC had a large space available. Both organisations joined hands in order to create a new working space for all students. 

"This way", according to Max Hufkens (CFO at ISAAC), "we hit several birds with one stone: We have found a useful purpose for the empty space on our ground floor. Fontys has a temporary solution. ISAAC strengthens its relations and name awareness within Fontys and her students. Moreover, ISAAC can enforce her role as Partner in Education by taking a more active role in supporting education. Located at the Marconilaan, students work on different projects and assignments, among others in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

"We ask our students for sacrifice when asking them to study outside our facilities. This growth we experience we owe completely to our students. We are very aware of this, that's why it is pleasant our 'Partner in Education' help us realize this growth" says Ad Vissers, director Fontys University Applied Sciences. ISAAC is aware of this and organizes occasional drinks or theme events for the students.

Partner in Education

ISAAC has been a "Partner in Education" for many years. This cooperation generally means companies help with the development of the students. Next to offering internships and graduation projects, organisations also actively contribute to the offered curriculum. For example, ISAAC has years of experience in specifying and developing software in the field of e-commerce. This experience can be very useful and put into practice whilst working on projects. 

"For the region Eindhoven as well as for ISAAC, it is most .beneficial young talents are being properly trained for a career in IT. We love to contribute to that" says Max Hufkens.

Lilian Seegers (HR Manager at ISAAC): "We find it very important that students during their education get in contact with business life, so they can really experience what it is like. On the other hand, students bring us new insights and ideas, which can be beneficial to ISAAC."

About Fontys

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is an authoritative and innovative institution which provides contemporary and engaging education on Associated Degree and Bachelor level. The University does not only offer programs to full time students, but also offer education to working people. More than 3.400 students are being trained for all possible positions in the future occupational field of IT.

Fontys works together closely with about 80 IT related companies from the Brainport region end the rest of the Netherlands. More over, the University has a investigation wallet meant for practice-oriented research. Fontys University of Applied Sciences sees the development of people (students, professionals and her own employees) as her core business.

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