ISAAC to join the ambitious Intracto Group

ISAAC will join the Intracto Group, an ambitious company active in the areas of strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology. The company provides both single services and full end-to-end (full service) services. By welcoming ISAAC, Intracto Group will expand by 110 people into just under 900 employees. In addition, ISAAC will bring in plenty of expertise and experience in Java, PHP, Magento, digital commerce, integration and online financial services. This will result in a very significant expansion of services for both companies.

Foto van Mark Hoogendoorn (links), Pieter Janssens (midden) en Max Hufkens (rechts)

Embark upon growth

Increasingly often, companies are asking for an approach and service that relies on all required disciplines within the digital domain. To offer this full service, Intracto Group has a specific focus on adding companies to the group under the basic assumption of: becoming stronger together in what we do.

"ISAAC’s approach to digital issues immediately appealed to us: strategic depth, decisiveness and customised delivery. This is exactly how we consider our customers. Similar to ISAAC, we try to focus on providing our clients with optimum services, even where this involves extremely complex issues. By taking on ISAAC, we continue to reinforce our technological knowledge concerning Java, PHP and Magento, as well as extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of digital commerce, integration and online financial services."

Pieter Janssens - CEO of Intracto Group

Stronger than ever ambition

In particular in light of the developments around COVID-19, digital transformation and digital commerce are more relevant than ever, and the need for technological solutions is growing rapidly. Janssens: ‘COVID-19 is no reason for us to put the brakes on things. If anything, our ambition to grow has only increased. We have noticed positive signals in the market, such as investments in digital transformation and commerce, where customers are looking for integrated partners like us. We also clearly see companies and governments pressing down the digital accelerator. It was clear to everyone that currently, those who had already taken steps in digital transformation are starting to emerge as winners.’

Campus in Eindhoven

From the ambition to broaden ISAAC’s services and provide them throughout Western Europe, the owners of ISAAC started to explore their options. During this process, they noticed that the views of Pieter Janssens (CEO, Intracto Group) are similar to those of Mark Hoogendoorn and Max Hufkens of ISAAC. Their shared dream is to realise a company to support a selection of other companies in Western Europe during their transformation and continued development of digital channels. To realise this ambition, Intracto Group in investing in facilities for employees, for example. The current office building of ISAAC in Eindhoven – the city suffused with technology and innovation – will therefore be further expanded into a campus.

Mark Hoogendoorn, CEO of ISAAC: ‘Intracto Group is a partner for us that can further strengthen our growth ambitions, campus vision and services. Similar to Intracto Group, as a digital agency, our ambition is to become a meaningful player in Western Europe. In addition to the Benelux, we are focusing on further expanding our activities to Germany and the Nordics. But this is not all. Just like us, Intracto Group has great confidence in campuses: central tech hubs where teams collaborate to develop full-service solutions for our customers, with plenty of options for knowledge sharing and innovation. And – naturally – a place where the team is provided with all conveniences required. Everyone has 10% study time, a healthy lunch is served daily and the workplace provides facilities for relaxation. If we continue to expand our office in Eindhoven into a fully-fledged campus, further expansion of these facilities might well be considered.’

In addition, ISAAC’s geographical location perfectly matches the presence that Intracto Group already had in this region, with locations in Eindhoven and ’s Hertogenbosch. With the acquisition of ISAAC, Intracto Group emphasises the plans to further expand a very strong presence in the region around Eindhoven – and by extension in the Netherlands.