Java development at ISAAC

"If you had told me in my third year that I was going to work on web applications for an international bank, I would not have believed you ... Now I do know that many new, interesting and fun things come along with this project. Also things I really had not expected to be related to working on a banking project." Melanie started her graduation project at ISAAC and then continued as a Java developer in a client team for one of our e-finance projects.

ISAACus Melanie tells about her job as Java Developer

"My first day as a Java developer was a leap in the deep. I immediately started working on the project and started picking up tickets: set up code bases, develop APIs and implement new functionalities in Java and SQL. That was sometimes difficult, but you also learn a lot from it. When I had questions, I could always contact one of my colleagues, even if they were busy. On the other hand, you get a lot of responsibility as a junior. I conferred directly with our project architect and during discussions I can bring my own points to the table. These are taken seriously and are also appreciated."

"In the end, the challenge presented during the job interview made me cross the line. I chose ISAAC and ISAAC chose me, based on my knowledge and skills. That gave me confidence in ISAACs in-house knowledge and I was sure to proper guidance."

Melanie - Java developer, ISAAC

Challenge in .complexity

You said that you came across things that you did not immediately link to the banking world. "Yes correct. For example, now I am working on a loyalty program for credit card holders, with which  saved points can be converted into supermarket vouchers. Such a project offers a lot of challenges. However simple it may sound, there are many architectural dependencies that can make or break the project. Moreover, they are also quite large projects. That keeps it interesting, and ensures that you go to work with a good feeling."

A critical job interview

Why did you opt for a graduation internship at ISAAC? "When I was looking for a graduation project, I noticed that most companies welcomed me with open arms. Especially because I am a woman. Here it was different. ISAAC was the only company which really did a critical job interview. A lot of specific questions were asked. I found them quite difficult, to be honest. We also had to talk over Skype, because at that moment I was still in Mexico. In retrospect, perhaps not the smoothest conversation ever. In the end, the challenge having this conversation did convince me. I chose ISAAC and ISAAC chose me, based on my knowledge and skills. That gave me confidence in the in-house knowledge at ISAAC and that I would get proper guidance."

Guild Master

In daily practice, what do you notice about the knowledge and support you receive? "ISAAC gives you a lot of space to develop. Among other things, at the moment, I am specializing myself by obtaining Java certifications. That is not only good for my resume, but ultimately also important for demonstrating your knowledge and professionalism to customers. Through my work I can also develop on a personal level. From a customer demand there was a need for more knowledge about Java microservices. It was then decided to start a Java microservices Guild, of which I became the Guild Master. As a Guild Master you have the responsibility to organize monthly meetings, coordinate action points and monitor the Guilds knowledge development."

The Fun part

We have talked a lot about the content of your work. What do you consider a fun-part? "When I was only four months in service, we started a new project. Because we started with a - for us - new product, I went to Belfast with a colleague for a workshop. An advantage of working for an international customer, is that  occasionally you can go abroad."

Is Melanie's job the challenge you are looking for? Are you ready for the next step in your career as a Java developer? You can find the latest vacancies here; and yes, we are also looking for a Java developer.