MUG040: ISAAC organizes Eindhoven's first Magento Meet Up

Last Wednesday ISAAC had the scoop to be the first ever to host a Magento Developer Meet Up here in Eindhoven (named MUG040 in jargon). This knowledge sharing session was a succes and turned out to be well visited. With 36 registrations and an actual turn-up almost just as high, this Magento Meet Up was the second best visited at all times in North Brabant, and the fourth best visited in the Netherlands. The question whether our region holds many Magento enthousiasts is herewith confirmed. 

First Magento MeetUp at ISAAC

After a welcoming drink and some nice slices of pizza the official program of the evening kicked off.

CQRS and Event Sourcing (Dwayne Hanekamp, WeProvide)

CRQS and the Multi Source Inventory (MSI) module are a hot topic within the Magento community. These features are planned for Magento 2.3. But what is it and how can you use them? Dwayne elaborated on this and explained the history, the current state and, most importantly, the future of data persistence in Magento. This included topics such as Event Sourcing and the techniques involved. An insightful talk about what's coming next.

"Sharing knowledge, discuss but also complain about Magento: the key to a succesful Meet Up."

Giel - PHP Developer, ISAAC

Magento Undocumented (Giel Berkers, ISAAC)

Magento has tons of features and is much better documented than its predecessor. Yet there are still a lot internal features and utilities that cannot be found in the documentation. In this talk Giel shed some light on some of those features with demonstrations and practical examples. A few examples: out of the box (S)FTP implementations, manipulation of product attributes or persistence of customer data on the frontend. A technical, but these tips will come in handy!

Becoming better at JavaScript (Gaya Kessler, CleverNode)

At first sight it might seem odd to have a pure JavaScript talk on a Magento Meet Up, but actually it makes a lot of sense: Magento 2 depends a lot more on JavaScript than Magento 1 and given the future of Magento - with headless shops and PWA's - it's very important for Magento developers to have a proper understanding of JavaScript. Gaya spoke about the fundamental core concepts about JavaScript in his talk. He showed clear examples, the current state of JavaScript and where it's heading. A very interesting talk!

Obviously the Meet Up was rounded up with a nice cold beer whilst the remaining attendees shared ideas, suggestions and experiences. In conclusion: A successful MUG040 Meet Up!