Web Components: what do they solve?

In recent years, the role of front-end development has changed considerably. Where this type of computer programming was often seen as simply 'code knocking', nowadays, the role of a front-end developer within development teams is the 'spider within the web'. With responsive web designs, microservices and new front-end techniques, the importance of the modular code, transfer-ability of code and, above all, the importance of cooperating functionalities, is constantly increasing. Web Components may play a key role here, but what exactly does it solve?

Lego blocks

Web Components: a short introduction

Web components are packages that allow you to create re-usable widgets or components in HTML pages and web applications. One of web components' core function is the ability to create custom elements. These custom elements which you can create encapsulate functionalities on an HTML page. It is therefore no longer necessary to develop a long batch of elements which put together offer one custom function, for example a menu. Using a web component you take away the writing of the code, the styling and the way the user interacts. The advantage: re-usable elements which can be deployed without implementation issues within other frameworks.

Valuable to e-business

Web Components can add business value to companies in different ways. An encapsulated web component is offered as a complete package and can also be implemented in any front-end framework. It is therefore no longer necessary for a front-end developer to have functionality-specific knowledge, for example specific knowledge of web payments or 3D visualizations. In the case of web payments, the payment method is offered as a web component. This package includes the entire payment method, including the interface, payment functionality and the validation of the payment. In such a case, web components solve the fact that the developer of an e-commerce platform no longer needs to know the technical pre-conditions for completing a payment.