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Single Sign On (SSO) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) touch all systems and platforms. A growing number of companies use SSO and IAM as a seperate service in their landscape. A great choice! The correct identity, verified identification and confirmed authorization are more important than ever. We help companies to implement SSO and IAM. Using our years of experience with secure exposure of sensitive data, we develop safe and user friendly solutions. Working with ISAAC means benefiting from decisiveness, strategic depth and tailor-made delivery.

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SSO Solutions: Guide to getting the right one

The SSO solutions on the market no longer offer 'just' a single login for multiple services. Instead, they offer full-fledged OAuth compliant servers with many additional features, like user management and federation. The benefits to security, productivity- and identity management and access, make it a key aspect of any platform or enterprise infrastructure. ISAACi Mark van der Linden and Daan Beulen will take you through a couple of modern single sign-on solutions, like Red Hat SSO (known as Keycloack), PingID, Auth0 and Amazon Cognito.


After the webinar you will know:

  • In which ways SSO can bring value to your business other than simplifying logins
  • Who the market leaders are in the SSO space and what they excel at
  • How you can adapt the solution to your organization needs
  • What to look out for when selecting your SSO platform

This webinar is in English and lasts 45 minutes.