3 Front-end tips for conversion optimization

73% of users say they encounter slow sites. Waiting another second means ~ 7% less conversion. With € 10,000 turnover per day, that one second costs € 250,000 per year. These are figures that the front-end of your commerce platform has a lot of influence on. ISAACus Lucien Immink takes you through three important items of front-end and conversion optimization: speed, accessibility and visibility.

As a Software Architect Front-end, Lucien is an expert in prototyping and browser behavior and has become our front-end evangelist over the years. In this webinar he gives you more insight into the eco-system of web development and shows how speed, visibility and accessibility are interrelated.


After the webinar you will know:

  • How to deal with speed, accessibility and visibility to improve conversion
  • Why it is important to get to work on those three issues
  • What the best practices are in these areas

This webinar is in Dutch.