Great Developer Experience: the driver behind the growth of your platform and company

Developer Experience (DX) is about the experience of developers that use the digital services on your digital platform. The people who use or buy the technical products on your platform, including APIs, SDKs and plugins. They are 'early adopters' and it is important to win the hearts of these developers with the right resources and principles. Why is attention for DX important at all, in a world that is increasingly focused on the interests of the end customer? Our CTO Friso Geerlings tells you all about this topic.


After this webinar you will know:

  • How to convince people (technical and non-technical) to get started with your platform
  • How to increase your platform's sales and reach
  • How to ensure more satisfied developers, both inside and outside your organization
  • Which platforms are examples of best practices

This webinar is in Dutch.