How to unlock the value of digital platforms?

The platform revolution - the most powerful development of the digital age - offers companies a great opportunity to create valuable business models. However, new realities arise: the agility of the digital customer, the urgency for other and new sales strategies and the battle for the heart of your users.

ISAACus Michael van Leeuwen, an expert in the field of platformization and Open Banking, takes you through platform trends and developments, gives tips on how to get started and what the best practices are. Moreover, he shows how push-to-market models transform into platform business models, what it means to operate as a platform in an ecosystem and why Developer Experience is important. Finally, he shares his vision on how traditional banks can use their strong position in platform development, especially in this exceptional crisis situation with COVID-19.


After this webinar you will know:

  • How a company can make smart use of the openness of a platform as the largest (new) business opportunity
  • How you prepare your company operationally to become a platform or to form with partners
  • The role of Developer Experience and technology and how to deal with it smartly

The webinar is in Dutch.