Will you be our new hero(ine)?


We are ISAAC, a company whose people love to solve complex issues and where you can go nuts with the latest technologies. An organisation where you tackle challenging projects together with a team of passionate professionals. You benefit from the knowledge and experience that surrounds you and see the impact you have on millions of people all over the world.

Do you want to show the world what we can achieve together? Take a look and see if there is anything listed here that appeals to you.

Work hard, play hard

Self-evident at ISAAC


You are never done learning. That is why you spend 10% of your time on expanding your own knowledge! Earn certificates, attend conferences and take part in workshops.

Health insurance

If you hurt your neck during a staring contest, it is important to have proper insurance.

Challenging work

Use advanced technologies and extend your limits. Have your applications process more traffic than the busiest highways.

Fruit (optional)

An unlimited amount of freshly picked fruit is within reach. As a bonus, there is the “I ate my fruit today” service, which has us preaching about your healthy lifestyle to all who will listen.

Free joint lunch
Flexible working hours
House band
Friday afternoon drinks
100 m² whiteboard walls