ISAAC Open Source Manifesto

  • Friso - Chief Technology Officer
    Friso Geerlings
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Maarten - Senior Software Developer
    Maarten Van Hoof
    Senior Software Developer

As a company that provides and builds large-scale software solutions, we rely daily on Open Source Software, OSS for short. Without it, we, let alone the modern world, wouldn't be standing where we are today. Think of all the solutions we would be missing if its innovators hadn't chosen to make it publicly available, free of charge. HTML, Java OpenJDK, JavaScript, PHP, Python, .NET Core and almost all the tooling built around those Open Source programming languages is available to anyone. Platforms like Linux, server tooling like Apache HTTP server, Nginx, Node.js, database management like MySQL, PostgreSQL, source control management like Git: the list goes on and on. Every single person with a device that connects through the internet utilizes the power of Open Source Software.

Innovation thrives through Open Source Software. It gives us freedom to share our knowledge. It promotes stability and security through transparency, gives us the ability to create virtually anything that computers can do.

Today, the foundation of the entire modern economy is maintained by passionate developers who care and who are eager to share their solutions with others. It is maintained by people ranging from hobbyists, to individual professionals and large enterprises that know their investments count.

We at ISAAC believe that a passion for open source, open standards and contributing to ‘the community’ is a valuable part of a modern-day developer’s life. Such implicit passion keeps us motivated on a daily basis. It helps us find the best solution for a ‘.complex’ problem. That's why ISAAC wants to give back to the community wherever our work makes sense to a broader audience than just the project at hand. If we can fix a bug, help with new common features or even create solutions for the community, we encourage our ISAACi to raise their hand and ask for the necessary resources.

We want to help the community, invest in personal growth of developers and continuously improve open source software so that we all can get things done more efficiently and create real value for each other.

Each of our core values is applicable to how we at ISAAC support with Open Source Software.

  • Help each other
    • Be positive, be kind, be honest.
    • Support the community with contributions.
  • Invest in personal growth
    • Transparency creates the ability to gain knowledge. Sharing is learning.
    • We give insight in to .complex solutions and learn to cooperate.
  • We continuously improve
    • We improve stability by being an extra set of eyes.
    • Our ISO certification enables awareness around software and security.
  • We get things done
    • From bug fixes to feature ideas over worked out pull requests to documentation additions, we support and deliver.
  • We create real value
    • Our clients and value for them comes first. But we broaden our view and create community value wherever this makes sense.
    • We believe that a healthy ecosystem is important for the sustainability of open source for all.